About Us

Suka Controls have been leading distributors for Alre Controls and Intercoolers electronic products from Germany for several years. We have built a reputation for fast response and established lasting relationships with clients through our unique blend of products and service from leading manufacturers. A room can only be perfectly comfortable if it has the right combination of warmth, climate and air quality.

Right now

Suka Controls have committed themselves fully to bridging the ever-widening gap between supplier and end-user. We analyze the unique needs of our clients as they arise and offer leading-edge products aimed at target applications found within the UK and International markets. And at affordable prices too.

Alre recognises trends early on and reacts to them with innovative products. To do so, we always pair state of the art technology with decades of expertise. When developing our products, we always have one eye on sustainability and the total system costs of the devices. Optimal control ensures high energy efficiency. So comfort is maximised and resources are protected.


With the increasingly global nature of the controls systems marketplace, Suka Controls will constantly seek new products and technologies that offer value and performance to suit the need of every client and their end-users.

Suka Controls can be located at the Easton Business Center, Felix Road, Bristol.

We are pleased to offer our customers and vendor partners alike, service and experience that has been the Suka way since our founding in 1971. For more information, contact us at advice@sukagroup.co.uk.

Our Sales and Marketing Strategies

  • We build close relationships with our customer base, focusing on specific needs, design and technical support
  • We offer select range of products and services to targeted market sectors
  • We add technologies that complement focused market sector approach
  • We develop dynamic web-based tools for the engineering and design community
  • We cultivate close relationships with supplier partners that foster development of market sector solutions

Our Customer Sales and Support

  • We offer online/real-time sales and technical support
  • We offer personalized Suka Club membership
  • We organize customer-specific inventory programs
  • We provide value-added services including testing, packaging, and lead-forming

Competencies and Ideals

Quality leadership

We set the highest quality standards for all our products. Even in the development stage, the end quality is crucial to us. With our experience in development and extensive durability tests in extreme conditions, we have the leading position over competitors.

Technology leadership

Precise knowledge of the particularities of our products and their use means that we always choose the right technology as a means to an end and quickly apply it. This is one of the most important factors as an input for our innovation process.


Continuous innovations are the best means to sustainable success. To ensure these innovations, we need an efficient innovation process, which we specifically and continuously encourage. That is the only way we can offer our customers tommorrow’s solutions today and therefore, contribute to their success.


We only make promises we know we can keep. Our business thrives on reliability, efficiency and planning for our work and our products. Therefore, we can’t promise everything but what we do promise, we stick to.


We always have a sympathetic ear – even for unusual ideas. We are quick and flexible with a modular and elaborate range of products as well as the willingness to try out new ideas and high impact organisation.

Proximity to customer

Understanding precisely what our customers want and the problems they face is very important to us. The challenge for us is in completely understanding the requests and fulfilling them optimally. Our goal is to have the highest possible level of customer satisfaction. We keep a close eye on the market and act on the signals it gives us. We want to be your first contact in the search for efficient suppliers of development proposals.