ALRE Air flow monitor JSL-20 K

Type: JSL-20 K Item No: G 800204 Relay: 1
Integral Sensor: yes Equipment: without locking PG: III


Technical Data  
Power Supply: 230 V ~, 50Hz (24 V ~ at JSL-20/24 and JSL-21/24 V)
Working Range: 0.2 to 10 m/s

(max. air velocity = 10 m/s)

Switching Capacity: 10 (3) A, 24-250 V ~

Min. 150mA at 24 V ~

Measuring Principle: Hot film anemometer
Operating Principle: The air flow acts on a sensor housed tube in a cooling manner. The stronger the air flow, the higher the cooling effect on the sensor. A second sensing element serves to compensate the effect of the air temperature.
Switching Hysteresis: 1…10%
Switch-on Delay: 15…120 s
Fall Delay Time: 2…20 s
Contact: Changeover contact (relay, potential-free)
Degree of Protection: IP 65
Protection Class: II
Ambient Temperatures: Sensor: -20…+100°C,

Controller: 0…60°C

Fastening: Independent of position
Colour: Grey (bottom part RAL 7016,

Upper part RAL 7035)


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