ALRE Dew point monitors NEHR-24.401

Model: NEHR-24.401 Item No: D 4780569/D4780564
Equipment: 21 V@/… safety low valtage, Switching capacity: min switching current 5 mA, max switching current 10 (3) A, max switching voltage 48 V~/60 V~, Protection class: III, up to 5 TPS dew point sensors can be connected to the sensor input in parallel, sensors need to be order separately. PG: I


The dew point monitor NEHR is used for the interruption of cooling operations in cases where the relative humidity transcends a level of 98%. Operating mode: If the surface temperature of the dew point sensor corresponds to the dew point.


Technical Data  
Operating Voltage: See equipment
Power Consumption: Approx. 1 VA
Sensor: External dew point sensor (TPS)

Max. 5 sensors can be connected

Fixed Switching Point: Approx. 98% r.h.
Switching Output: Potential-free changeover contact
Switching Capacity: See equipment
Min. Switching Current: 5 mA
Indicators (LED’s) Red ( = dew point tripping)
Degree of Protection: IP 20
Protection Class: See equipment
Admissible Humidity: Max. 95%, non-condensing
Storage Temperature: -20…+70°C
Safety and EMC: According to DIN EN 60730
Ambient Temperature: 0…55°C
Housing Colour: Light grey, similar to RAL 7035
Housing Material: Plastic (PC)
Mounting/Installation: On standard rail
Weight: NEHR/WFFN: approx. 160g

TPS: approx. 30g

Electrical Connections:


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