ALRE Pressure measuring transducer MUD/0-10/0.16

Type: MUD/0-10/0.16 Item No: G 9240010
Measuring Range: 0-160 mbar Output: 0-10 V PG: III


For the measuring of pressures that occur in non-aggressive gas form or liquid media used in the hydraulic-, pneumatic-, machine-, plant engineering and/ or process technology sphere. The stainless steel membrane is absolutely vacuum-tight

Technical Data
Measuring Principle: Thin-film, piezoresistive
Measuring Range: See table
Process Temperature: -30…+100°C
Ambient Temperature: -30…+80°C
Output: 0-10 V or 4-20 mA
Supply Voltage: 12…32 V …
Electrical Connection: Via DIN 43 650 compliant connector
Pressure Connection: G¼”, with G½” adapter
Linearity Error: +/-0.5% FS
Total Error: +/-1.5% FS
Degree of Protection: IP 65
Over-pressure: 2-fold of measuring range


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