ALRE Temperature and humidity measuring transducer AFT/NI1000

Type: AFT/NI1000 Item No: G 9260710 PG: III
Equipment: Humidity 0-10 V/4-20 mA, temperature sensor NI1000


Specially suited for applications in the building automation-, refrigeration-, air conditioning and ventilating engineering or clean room technology sphere or for applications in greenhouses, medical spaces or for meteorological purposes.

Technical Data
Operating Voltage: 15…35 V ~/V…
Measuring Range (Humidity): 10…90% r.h.
Humidity Related Accuracy (at 20°C) ± 3.5% r.h.
Temperature Effect

at 45% r.h.

-0.09% r.h./K.
Temperature Measuring Range: See Table
Temperature Related Accuracy (at 20°C): ± 0.5°C
Output Signal: 0-10 V or 4-20mA,

Selectable via jumper

Ambient Temperature: -5…+55°C
Storage Temperature: -25…+60°C
Safety and EMC: Acc. To DIN EN 60730
Connection: Terminal screws for

0.14 bis 1.5mm²

Max. cable length 50 m

Passive temperature sensors

Only to SELV – max. 30V~/42V…

Degree of Protection: IP 65
Housing Colour: Pure white, similar to RAL 9010


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