ALRE Transmitter FTRFB-280.120

Model: FTRFB-280.120 Item No: BA 010401
Equipment: Sensor (transmitter) for the acquisition of room temperatures and for the radio transmission of the sensed data to the controller (radio receiver) – with reference setter and operating mode selector switch “Comfort/ECO” including Berlin 1000 suoerflat housing. PG: I


Radio-controlled room thermostat for recording and setting temperatures in home, office and hotel rooms with normal levels of cleanliness. Used with alre radiocontrolled receiver strips ‘heating/cooling’, it provides for individual room temperature control.

Technical Data  
Operating Voltage: Batteries, 2 x Micro AAA,

4,5 V/1,000 mAh

Setting Ranges: 5…30°C
Sensor: NTC – internal
Temperature Decrease: FTRFBu…(clock): adjustable

FTRFB…: 4 K (fixed), if used along with model FTRFBu (master function) can be set to the decrease temperature adjusted at the radio-controlled time-switch clock

Transmit Frequency: 868.3 Mhz
Transmit Interval: Around 3 minutes and on charging the reference temperature
Radio Transmission Distance: Within the line of sight (150m)

Up to 30m in buildings

(depending on construction method)

LED’s: For “learn” mode and battery empty indication
Degree of Protection: IP 30
Protection Class: III
Equipment: Mechanical range reduction
Admissible Air Moisture: Max. 95% r.h., non-condensing
Storage Temperature: -10…+50°C
Safety and EMC: Acc. to DIN EN 60950-1

And DIN EN 300220

Ambient Temperature: -10…+50°C
Housing Colour: Pure white, similar to RAL 9010
Housing Material: Plastic (ABS)
Mounting/Installation Directly on the surface/wall by means of screws or adhesive strips. Berlin 3000 design housing also available with adapter Snap-on plate JZ-18


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