ALRE Air flow sensing relay, mechanically operated JSL-1E

Type: JSL-1E Item No: JA 070100
Min. Switch-on Value: 2 m /s Min. Switch-off Value: 1 m /s
Max. Switch-on Value: 9,2 m /s Max Switch-off Value: 8,0 m/s


Technical Data  
Switching Capacity: 15 (8) A, 24-250 V ~

Min. 150mA at 24 V ~

Switching Difference: ≥ 1 m/s
Contact: 1 microswitch as potential-free changeover contacts
Degree of Protection:       IP 65 (after installation, on the media side: IP 20
Protection Class: I
Ambient Temperature: -40…+80°C
Max. Temperature of Medium:  


Lever: Brass
Tag: V2A (1,4301)
Colour: Grey (bottom part RAL 7016,

Upper part RAL 7035)


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