ALRE Air heater thermostat, Capillary system, 2 or 3 functions JTL-8

Type: JTL-8 Item No: E 6110049
Switching Difference Fan, Adjustable: 8…30 K
Switching Difference Burner: external manual reset
Type*: STB Length of Capillary: 350 mm
Equipment: intrinsic safety/cold protection PG: II


Technical Data  
Switching Capacity: 15 (8) A, 24-250 V ~

Min. 150mA at 24 V ~

Control Range Fan: 20…70°C
Control Range Burner: 70…100°C, JTL-2…-11

70…95°C, JTL-8 NR…-17 NR

Switch Off Temperature STB: 100°C (+0/-10 K), external manual reset (applies to types JTL-…NR)
Contact: 2 or3 micro switches as potential-free changeover contacts
Degree of Protection: IP 40
Protection Class: I
Ambient Temperature: -15…+80°C
Sensor: Liquid filled sensing element made of Cu, active over its entire length
Max. Sensor Temperature: 200°C
Colour: Grey
TÜV type test acc. To DIN EN 14597

Type test with regard to air heaters performed in acc. With DIN 4794


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