ALRE Bimetal controller for flush installation FTR 101.086#00

Model: FTR 101.086#00 Item No: UA 010615
Equipment: Break contact, switching capacity 3000 Watt, insulated cover, protective cap, for direct electrical heating systems, such as marble heating systems and others, 230 V~


Control and supervision of temperatures in closed, dry rooms. Suited for all types of heating systems. Valve: normally closed type. Normally open heating valves must, if existing, be connected to the cooling outlet of the changeover contact., e.g. FTR 101

Cover sets are offered in various designs and are not included in the delivery. Atricle no. of suitable sets e.g.
Cover set 50 x 50 mm, pure white, glossy, JZ-001.000
Cover set 55 x 55 mm, pure white, glossy, JZ-001.100 PG: I

Technical Data  
Operating Voltage: 230 v ~, 50 Hz
Sensor: Bimetal
Switching Capacity bei 230 V AC:

    Break Contact

Umschalter (Wechsler)



10 (4) A, VDE see circuit diagram

5 (2) A, VDE see circuit diagram

At 24 V AC: 1 (1) A
Setting Ranges: 5…30°C (numeric scale *…6)
Switching Difference: Approx. 0,5 K with a temperature change of max. 4 K/h
Temperature Decrease: Approx. 4 K
Degree of Protection: IP 30
Protection Class: I, after installation

At 24 V ~ protection class III

General Equipment: Thermal feedback,

Mechanical range reduction,

Admissible Air Moisture: Max. 95% r.h., non-condensing
Storage Temperature: -20…+70°C
Safety and EMC: Acc. to DIN EN 6073.
Ambient Temperature: 0…30°C
Housing Colour: Available in several variants to match selected cover
Housing Material: Polycarbonate (PC)
Mounting/Installation In a flush-mounting box with

50 x 50mm or 55 x 55mm cover, can be adapted to almost all

flush-mounted switch ranges


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