ALRE Capillary system, outdoor sensor JMT-411

Type: JMT-411 Item No: E 6080076
Control Range: 10…55°C
Switching Difference within the Stages: 1 K
Switching Difference between the Stages: 1 K
Equipment: internal setting PG: II


Technical Data  
Switching Capacity: 15 (8) A, 24-250 V ~

Min. 150mA at 24 V ~

Contact: 2 or 4 micro switch as potential-free changeover contact
Ambient Temperature: -15…top scale value +15%
Degree of Protection: IP 65
Protection Class: I
Sensor: Liquid filled quick response

Sensing element made of Cu

Colour: JMT-2xx: Grey (bottom part RAL 7016, Upper part RAL 7035)

JMT-4xx: Grey


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