ALRE Differential pressure switches JDW-10

Type: JDW-10 Item No: H 530997
Setting Range: 400.1.600 Pa
Switching Difference Dependent on Setting Range: 30…60 Pa
Max. Pressure: 5.000 Pa PG: III


Technical Data  
Switching Capacity: 1.5 (0.4) A, 12-250 V ~

1 (0.2) A, 12-24V ~ / …

Contact: Changeover contacts (gold contact), Terminal screws
Degree of Protection:       IP 54
Protection Class: II
Ambient Temperature: -15…+80°C
Temperature of Medium: -15…+80°C
Pressure Connection Nozzle: 6.2mm
Colour: Black
Packaging Unit: 30 Pieces


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