ALRE Protective Spiral SW-200

Type: SW-200 Item No: C 1809219 Length L: 200 mm
Ø screwed connection: 7.8 mm Ø Spiral: 11 x 17 mm
Material: Nickel-plated Steel PG: II
Protective spiral for the fixing of capillaries in air ducts
(JET/JMT/JTF/WR 81) and for the installation of all HF sleeve- and LF air sensors


Protective spiral for sleeve type sensor (for use in non-aggressive types of gas and air ducts).

Product Type: SW200

Operating voltage:


Switching: 0

Temperature range: 0

Degree of protection: 0

Protection class: 0

General equipment: 200 mm long; diametre of screwed connection 8mm

Indications: 0

Admissible air moisture: 0

Ambient temperature: 0

Mounting / installation: 0

Housing: nickel-plated steel


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