ALRE Receiver KTFRD-213.140

Model: KTFRD-213.140 Item No: BA 120700
Equipment: 4-channel radio-controlled climate regulator (receiver) for mounting in heating circuit distributor. Application: heating, cooling or heating and cooling: 4 relay contacts, “make” 5 (1) A, max 4 actuators directly connectable per heating circuit (max 16 actuators in total_; including pump module (max 180 VA), protection rating: IP 65 PG: I


This radio-controlled 4-channel climate regulator provides heating/cooling control for individual rooms by using alre radio-controlled room temperature transmitters. It needs to be mounted in the heating circuit distributor; 4 relay contacts, “make” 5 (1).

Technical Data  
Operating Voltage: 230 V ~/50 Hz
Switching Differences: Approx. 0.5 K (room temperature)
Receive Frequency: 868.3 MHz

(4-/8- Channel)

Integrated, additional antenna (JZ-25) where necessary + antenna cable JZ 26
Indications: 3 colour LED, 1 LED per channel (display of: teach-in mode, correct radio connection, dew point undershoot, loss of connection, display of heating/cooling status through single push of the channel selection key) Additionally, when a radio connection has been established, subsequent pressing of the teach-in key on the transmitter displays the associated channel(s) on the receiver.
Degree of Protection: IP 20 (KTFRL)


Protection Class: Protection class II for consumers of protection class I and II
Safety and EMC: According to DIN EN 60950-1

And DIN EN 300220

Admissible Humidity: 95%, non-condensing
Storage Temperature: -20…+70°C
Ambient Temperature: -10…+50°C
Housing: Industrial housing made of plastic,

Light grey (similar to RAL 7035)

Mounting: Screw fixing using 4 screws supplied or (optionally) with the practical JZ-24 magnetic fixing kit
Electrical Connections: Spring-cage terminals 0.5…1.5mm²
Emergency Operation: In the event of a radio link loss, all receivers change over to emergency mode (30% relative action time)


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