ALRE Room temperature controller with clock FTRFBu-180.117

Model: FTRFBu-180.117 Item No: BA 010200
Equipment: Temperature sensor with clock (transmitter) for measuring room temperature and transmitting data to the controller (receiver) via radio. Extremely simple operation thanks to direct access buttons for “ON/OFF”, holiday setting, party setting, operating mode and display of all settings. “Heating”, “Cooling” and “Heating and Cooling” modes all available, separate clock setting for cooling function, temperature selection knob with °C scale. Display of temperature/time, autom, switching to daylight savings time/standard time, child lock, valve protection (default setting: off) and self-learning mode (can be enabled for “Heating”), “Berlin 3000” housing, master for master-slave operation. preset weekly program (Mon-Fri 5 am – 9 am,
4 pm – 10 pm/Sat, Sun 6 am – 10 pm comfort mode) PG: I


Radio room temperature sensor for the acquisition of temperatures in living spaces, offices and hotel rooms that are subject to normal pollution. The devices are, if used in association with Alre radio receivers, specially suited for the control of temperature.

Technical Data  
Operating Voltage: Batteries, 2 x Micro AAA,

4,5 V/1,000 mAh

Setting Ranges: 5…30°C
Sensor: NTC – internal
Temperature Decrease: FTRFBu…(clock): adjustable

FTRFB…: 4 K (fixed), if used along with model FTRFBu (master function) can be set to the decrease temperature adjusted at the radio-controlled time-switch clock

Transmit Frequency: 868.3 Mhz
Transmit Interval: Around 3 minutes and on charging the reference temperature
Radio Transmission Distance: Within the line of sight (150m)

Up to 30m in buildings

(depending on construction method)

LED’s: For “learn” mode and battery empty indication
Degree of Protection: IP 30
Protection Class: III
Equipment: Mechanical range reduction
Admissible Air Moisture: Max. 95% r.h., non-condensing
Storage Temperature: -10…+50°C
Safety and EMC: Acc. to DIN EN 60950-1

And DIN EN 300220

Ambient Temperature: -10…+50°C
Housing Colour: Pure white, similar to RAL 9010
Housing Material: Plastic (ABS)
Mounting/Installation Directly on the surface/wall by means of screws or adhesive strips. Berlin 3000 design housing also available with adapter Snap-on plate JZ-18


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